Saturday, March 07, 2009

Saturday Trip to Disneyland

The types of Disneyland annual passes we have, our Saturdays are blocked out from the month of March until after Labor Day in September. Today was the last Saturday we could go until the Fall, so with Daddy needing to work on the church website, us girls packed the backpack and went to Disneyland for one last Saturday trip for a while. It was also a nice way to start off Hannah being off track. First off, we went to California Adventure. We wanted to see the High School Musical 3 street parade and haven't really seen it from a good viewing spot, so we waited to watch. And of course, our little outgoing of a girl got up and went to dance when they sought out volunteers. She loved it!Rachel had some naughtiness going on and had to sit out on a few things that Hannah wanted to do. But eventually (a long eventually) she snapped out of it. She and Hannah rode Jumpin Jellyfish together and this kid cracks me up with how she throws her arms up in the air. LOL. We discovered today that Rachel is now tall enough for Grizzly River Run (the rapid ride) and some other fun things inside The Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, none in which she wanted to go on, mind you this was when she was still in naughty mode. We ran into a longtime "friend' this afternoon, PUSH. We haven't seen him active in a long while and Rachel was excited to see PUSH and ran right up to him. LOL. For some reason, this talking trash can cracks her up. We spent the last hour of our trip over in Disneyland. The girls brought their penny pressing stuff and we found some designs the girls wanted pressed onto pennies. We walked through Fantasyland and decided we'd come back one day in the week when hopefully the crowds would be lighter, despite this week being the kick off of the Spring Break season. We'll come back and next time we'll come with friends. Although once we got home this afternoon, I learned through Facebook that some good friends were at Disneyland today in anticipation of their passes being blocked out on Saturdays for a while. We were probably literally following behind one another, not knowing it, and I'm bummed I didn't follow through on my thoughts this morning to give her a call to go with us!

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Carolyn said...

So, Let's go Wednesday!!!!!!Hehehe