Thursday, February 19, 2009

Preschool Field Trip: To the Dentist!

This experience wasn't really anything new for Rachel, seeing how she went to the dentist last month. LOL. But it's free and and an outing for the older classes at the preschool and they still had a blast!!!

All the kids were excited about riding in the cars of their classmates. Seeing how I drive a mini-van, I was a driver for the trip and Rachel was so excited to have three of her classmates riding in her car with us. I'm hoping she didn't notice how cool their car seat boosters were and I can keep her in the 5 point harness a while longer. Knowing that when we did the field trip when Hannah was in preschool, the dentist plopped each kid into a seat and took a quick look into their mouths. The last couple of days I'd been debating to give the dentist a 'heads up' about Rachel's cleft aveolar ridge, or just let it take him by surprise when he opened her mouth. LOL. Like my mom said, any professional will be able to tell by looking closely and seeing a lip repair. I didn't say anything and he wasn't shocked and horrified when he opened Rachel's mouth, seeing how he is actually an orthodontist, he may see some kids with clefts.When he did look into her mouth, and I was standing at her feet, he asked if I was her mom and asked if she was getting her care at Loma Linda. I told him the name of the dentist she's seeing and he knew her and spoke highly of her! And spoke highly of her husband, my dentist, too!! That was really great to hear him speak so highly of them both. The kids all left with goodie bags - toothbrush, sticker, floss, and much to my surprise...a bag of fruit snacks!! But leave it to my Rachel to remember she's no longer allowed to have fruit snacks and say out loud "My dentist said I'm not allowed to have fruit snacks!" LOL. That was too funny and while I know the dentist heard her, I think he pretended not to!

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Joy Howse said...

Way to go Rachel on the fruit snacks. Those have been banned from our house. Alexis would eat them one bag after another if I let her. Looks like they all had a great time. The dentist comes to our school, but I wish they would go to him so they would know what it is like in the office and not in their classroom.