Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Meeting with The Principal

Rachel will start Kindergarten in August and we're completing the steps to get her into the school in which Hannah goes to. It's a magnet school, therefore you do not have to live in the school zone in order to go there. You do however, have to submit an application and seek to be accepted.

Two weeks ago the Magnet School Applications were handed out. That same day, I filled mine out and put it in the mail. Because Rachel has a sibling at the school already, it's suppose to be an automatic that she would get in. But in this day and age, I don't want to take any chances.

Three years ago, when Hannah started Kindergarten, I started attending PTA meetings, helped out in the class, etc. I wanted the principal to recognize my face for when it came time to seek Rachel being accepted for Kindergarten. After two years, we got a new principal. LOL. I had to start all over with making my face known to the principal.

I decided months ago, that when the time came to submit my magnet school application that I would go in and speak with the principal. I was at the school this afternoon for a PTA meeting and stopped into make an appointment, and was told he was finishing up with a teacher if I'd like to just wait a few minutes. So I did.

Our principal is the nicest man. He has a very strong accent so he's very hard to understand at times, but I'm learning. He is taking care of problems and following though on things that our previous principal let go to the way side. He has the best interest of his students and his teachers at heart and I hope he's around for a long time.

Our conversation lasted less than 5 minutes. As he knew, I already have one child attending the school, and I told him I had submitted my application for Rachel. And he assured me several times that it would not be a problem. Rachel would have a place at the school! He even asked her her name and wrote it down in his special 'magnet school' folder. Oh, and he did 'know' who I was, not necessarily by my name, but he acknowledged my involvement around the school! :)

I didn't think there'd be a problem. But it's good to have that marked off my list of 'to-dos'. Now we just need to pray that the school district in which we reside in, and are supposed to attend, release both the girls and don't decline their inter-district transfers due to the budget cuts and wanting to keep money within their district.

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