Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rachel's Journey Through Pictures

About a year and a half ago, I put together a slide show of pictures that showed Rachel's Journey. It can always, be found over on the left sidebar under the "Rachel's Journey Through Pictures" link.

I added a few recent pictures to the end of the slideshow and thought I'd share that slideshow again.
To this day, to watch the slideshow of the pictures unfold, showing God's Glory and hand on Rachel brings tears to my eyes. He has brought us so far in this journey, and yet we still have a ways to go. But with Him by our side, we'll only see more of His Glorious hand at work.


Joy Howse said...

Love the new pictures you added. I am working on a montage/video of our journey with Aiden and hope to publish it on his first birthday. It is amazing how great God is and how far he has brought you and us on our individual journeys. Thank you for sharing the update. We really need to get together again at some point. Did you make any progress on the insurance thing for her team meeting? still in my prayers for that one.

Patty said...

Takes my breath away and tears form every time...Mom

Ed Soto said...

It's remarkable to see the transformation and a blessing for your little girl to have had the opportunity to have this operation. I pray she grows strong in the Lord. - Ed