Monday, January 05, 2009

Ear Re-Check

The first week of December, Rachel was diagnosed with an ear infection. Our pediatrician likes to re check the ears about 2-3 weeks after being on antibiotics. With Christmas and New Years and the short work weeks, I had put off making the follow up appointment. But over the weekend, Rachel complained once or twice about her ear, so I was able to make an appointment and get her in this afternoon.

Just as I suspected, her ear is infected (again? still?). So back on antibiotics for four days and another re check in 2-3 weeks.


Kim said...

Her hair looks cute down like that! I hope she's feeling better soon.

Joy Howse said...

Yikes. does she still have tubes in? If not will she have to get some soon, or can they wait till she goes in for her 'nose job'? Hope she isn't in too much pain.

Darcy said...

She has one tube in. And one tube out. Weird huh?? But they've been in now for 15 months.

We have a hearing test scheduled for Monday afternoon.

And then we'll discuss the results with the ENT at our cranio appointment on the 26th. See what they think about the results and her recent ear infections.

Darcy said...

Yea, her cutting her own hair a couple weeks back wasn't too least it was even, on both sides. It shapes her face well, doesn't it?!?!? LOL.

The Ski's said...

Don't you just hate those nast ear infections that linger. We are prone to those at our house for some reason!