Friday, December 05, 2008

Visiting the Merriest Place on Earth

The blankets, jackets, mittens, and scarves were packed and we were on our way to the Merriest Place just as soon as we picked up Hannah from school. This afternoon, we were meeting long time friends, Carolyn, and her two kids, Matthew and Katie.

Carolyn, a nurse and friend long before Rachel was born, signed herself onto the work schedule after she heard of the complications of Rachel's birth and was my personal nurse the day after Rachel was born. She took very good care of me and we provided her with the experience of handling and caring for a newly born cleft affected baby.

We were meeting at Disneyland after our oldests got out of school and planned to spend the afternoon and evening enjoying the lights and magic of the Christmas season at Disneyland. While we waited for them to arrive, we hung out around the Christmas tree taking pictures and caught the last half of the Christmas parade. When are friends arrived, we strolled through some shops and enjoyed the lights on Main Street. We also found these guys, playing some Christmas music. They were excellent and always a delight to hear.We tried to get on It's A Small World, but the lines were a lot longer than we were willing to wait in. We tried to find a little nook to stand and watch the Christmas parade, but there was just way too many people and there was no place to sit and stand and have all four of the kids be able to see the parade, so made our way back into ToonTown and had some fun exploring back there. It's a Small World in the background all decked out for the holiday season. We decided we wanted to see the Holiday fireworks, therefore we grabbed a piece of the curb along Main Street and waited a little over an hour. Rachel, who was adamant about staying for the fireworks, fell asleep in her stroller shortly after 8:00 and much to my surprise, she stayed asleep through the fireworks and loud music and stayed asleep all the way to the car. Once at the car, as I was putting Rachel's jammie's on the still half asleep girl, she let it be known she wasn't ready to leave, that she wanted to see the fireworks! LOL. I told her she'd slept through them and she looked and me and went back to sleep. Silly girl.


Joy Howse said...

WOW, she is talented to have slept through fireworks. Sometimes I think Dale could sleep through anything, or maybe that is just his way of getting out of things, pretending he didn't hear it. :) Sounds like you all had a wonderful times as usual. The place looks great at Christmas, this will be our first year in the past 6 that we won't be going. Sadness.

Hope you have a great time at your party tonight.

Darcy said...

I was really surprised she slept through them last night. Normally, she wakes up startled and stays awake. She's a super sensitive hearer I've discovered.