Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Day!

The winter storms that hit Southern California this past week, not only brought us lots of rain, and cold temps, it brought lots and lots of snow the local mountains. But more importantly, Gramie got about six inches of snow just at her house in the high desert!
Cajon Pass

After bundling and gloving everyone up, we went out to play! Rachel had so much fun in the snow and didn't even bat an eye about laying in it and crawling around in it. And thanks to a snow suit that our friends gave her last Spring for snow days at preschool, she actually kept dry, with the exception of her jeans peaking out from the snowsuit overalls! We played out in the snow for a good hour, maybe longer. And then Rachel started complaining about her hands being cold. So we went inside to change into dry clothes and sit by Gramie's fire. Rachel had so much fun and I'm sure we're going to hear her be asking when we can go back and play in the snow again!


Heather said...

Wow, that's an awesome snowman!!! Looks like Rachel had a great time. : ) I'm ready for this snow to be GONE!

Darcy said...

Yea, I bet you are ready to be done with it. For us, we drove 42 miles to play and then came our dry, no snowed house. Today it was the best of both worlds! LOL. I can't imagine living and dealing with snow all the time.