Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas Eve day the girls were literally bouncing off the walls with excitement for what the rest of the day held, let alone the fact that the next day was Christmas. We made it through the afternoon and went to the 5:30 church service. The service had no children's ministry, therefore the girls had to sit in the service. Rachel was very wigglely, but at least she was quiet.

Following church we went to my Grandmother's house for the annual Christmas Eve gathering. We didn't make it for dinner this year, but we arrived just as the dishes were being done and the way was being made clear for the gift exchange. There weren't only two very excited little girlies, there were now four, all running about and hardly containing themselves. I think from the time in which the first gift was passed out until the last one was given out, was maybe 30 minutes. Rachel was excited when she opened up her presents and they were things from her list she had made a couple weeks ago.We didn't stay as late at my Grandmother's as years past. We needed to get home and get stockings stuffed, as well as do a little bit of assembling on Rachel's dinosaur.

Christmas morning, Rachel had to be woken up. We held Hannah back as long as we could, but just shortly after 7:00, we let Hannah wake her up. We started off in the family room, where upon entering into the family room, and spotting her dinosaur, she had a huge smile on her face. She climbed atop and said "This is just what I wanted!" She loved it and played with it and gave it a lot more attention the remainder of the day than we thought she would.After meeting Kota, we did stockings in the living room and Rachel was very excited to get Tinkerbell on DVD. She had a lot of other goodies too, but that was her most favorite.Not long after our time together as a family, doing stockings, opening presents and cards from out of state family, the festivities got under way when Gramma and Papa, Uncle Bart, Uncle Robbie, Auntie, McKenzie, and Haylee all showed up! There were many more presents and once again, our kids were well spoiled. It was Tinkerbell Christmas for Rachel. She got the Rosetta (one of Tink's fairy friends) dress up costume she wanted from Disneyland, the movie, a fashion and style head, a little toy, and this adorable Tinkerbell pillow that she absolutely loves. The rest of our Christmas Day was spent hanging out, all the girls having disappeared into the bedrooms to play. We had a nice dinner. And in the early hours of the evening we had more family stop by and even some friends join us for the evening. It was a great, great Christmas.

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