Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We made an all day trip today to The Happiest Place on Earth. Gramma and Papa came with us and we met Uncle Bart there. We had a great day with nice weather and not a lot of crowds. We walked on a lot of the bigger rides. We arrived at opening, 10:00, and stayed until the park closed at 8:00. We planned ahead and staked out a table along the Rivers of America and had prime viewing of Fantasmic, something Gramma and Papa and Uncle Bart had never seen!
A perfect hat for Rachel: "Mood Subject to Change Without Notice."
It surprised me when Rachel spotted Goofy and took off after him. Normally, she doesn't want to have anything to do with him because he's so tall. But not today, she literally chased after him and then posed for a picture!The Christmas season officially starts Friday, but most everything is already decorated and ready to go! This is the first year that Disneyland is using an artificial tree on Main Street. It's still pretty nonetheless.
"Take a picture of me in front of the Christmas Tree", Rachel says,
knowing full well I wouldn't complain about a picture opportunity!

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The Ski's said...

I need one of those hats for Ellie. : ) Love it, love it, love it!