Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Update on Aiden

I just returned home from visiting Aiden and his Mommy and Daddy in the hospital. Oh what memories. November will be three years since Rachel's palate repair, but what you experience and what you go through are all things that won't be forgotten, or at least not hard to retrieve from the memory banks. Like how different their cry is after the palate is repaired, as soon as I heard Aiden cry, it instantly reminded me that Rachel's cry was different too after her repair.

Aiden and his family are the first cleft affected family that I've actually known in real life. Over the last few years, I've met many wonderful, wonderful families online, that have been affected by having a baby with a cleft of some sort, and being part of that "been there done that" club you have a special connection with those friends. But knowing someone in real life dealing with the same issues, the same hurdles, the exact same hospital and doctors, and being able to reach out (literally) is even more amazing.

Aiden had his lip repaired, his palate repaired, his gum (alveolar ridge) repaired, his nose repaired, AND he had tubes placed in his ears. That poor little guy went through the ringer today. He was having a rough time this evening, and really who blames him. Poor guy has had his ears messed with, his lip closed and no longer has a spot to run his tongue through, nor is his palate the large gaping hole it was when he started his day off this morning. He literally has a whole new mouth to get used to.

I know from having stayed the night with Rachel, Joy won't get much rest tonight. Pray that Aiden settles down and is able to be comforted without having to be walked all night long. And pray for Joy, and Dale, and even Aiden's older siblings. His older brother was having a rough time this afternoon, it's an adjustment for them too, they fell in love with Aiden with a wide smile and now he has an entirely new look about him.

I notice Joy's already posted an update of her own, so check it out and keep checking back there for more updates and pictures!

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Joy Howse said...

Thank you so very much for your support. Just knowing I am not alone in this has been so comforting. He is having a tough time eating tonight and just wants to sleep. I know he needs both so I am trying to find that balance. Just don't want to have to go back to the hospital if he doesn't start taking in more liquids. Thanks again for your prayers. I am sure you have not heard the last of me on my need for support on this one.

Joy :)