Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Happenings

The beauty of having girls who love to play dress up is that it gives you options, lots of options. Rachel decided this morning that she didn't want to be Tinkerbell for today's festivities, but that she wanted to be Dorothy instead. Okay, not a problem, we have the complete costume. I thought being Dorothy was a good option because I thought with the new release of the Tinkerbell movie this week, there could be a lot of Tinkerbells at Hannah's school. I was wrong. It seems it was the year for a lot of Dorothy's and I counted at least 12! Rachel was cute and even carried a little basket with a dog. She had a lot of fun walking the parade with Hannah and got a kick out of seeing what all the big kids dressed up as.

Dorothy meets Captain Jack Sparrow, aka Miles.
Rachel got to accompany me in helping with festivities in Hannah's class today and she loved it!
After dinner, we headed to the same church we went to last year for Trunk or Treating. We had a great time with our friends and it was a lot of fun seeing cute costumes and the creativeness that went into decorating some of the cars. These two were the best in my opinion, the Wizard of Oz theme, complete with a yellow brick road. And Pocahontas passing out candy from her teepee! The local police and sheriff's departments were part of the festivities this year, handing out stickers and safety information. McGruff the Crime Dog was there and walking about, Rachel thought he was silly. Rachel had a lot of fun trunk or treating. Last year, she had a cold and had been given some Dimetapp before going and she was groggy and tired and didn't want to trunk or treat, this year, she had fun and loved seeing all the dogs people brought that had costumes of their own on!

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Heather said...

Sounds like everyone went to a "trunk or treat" this year - and I've never heard of them! What a great idea!

I can't believe there were so many Dorothys. Who would've thought it???

Ahhh, girls and dress up. Can't wait (which means I'll probably end up with ALL boys). : ) Rachel looked like she was having a great time!