Thursday, September 18, 2008

Have You Been Following???

Have you been following Jeff and the Operation Smile Team on their mission in Paraguay?? Have you seen the smiles they've been "giving"? Here is one example:

This is Vannia, she is 9 months old and has both a cleft lip and palate.
This is before her lip repair.
This is Vannia the day after her lip repair.
The before and after pictures are amazing, aren't they? And what's even more amazing is that other smiles like hers can be fixed through Operation Smile for just $20 a month, or $240. If you'd like to give a child hope by donating a smile, visit Operation Smile.

Pictures taken from Jeff's blog


Heather said...

Hi Darcy! Hope you don't mind that I added Rachel's page to my blog list. I saw you on my followers list and had to come meet you! I will have to catch myself up on your blog and I'll write again soon!! : )

Liz said...

What a little beauty!!!!