Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Great Day at Disneyland

We went to Disneyland today. Yes, it was Rachel and mine's second trip this week, thanks to the cooler weather. Today, we went with our good friends, and then later in the day, we met up with other friends from church and school. It was a great day!

Hopping on the horse drawn cable car, there wasn't enough room for us all to sit, so Rachel, Amy, and I got to stand in the back of the car. She practiced her princess wave all the way down Main Street.We spent quite a while at the Princess Fantasy Faire, listening to stories told by the princesses, doing crafts and learning how to dance and act like princesses, and knights.
And our youngest princess, lovely isn't she?!?!
On our last visit with Amy and kids about three weeks ago, we discovered Rachel has reached the 'magical height' of being able to ride a lot of the good rides. Today we tried Soarin Over California and she loved it!!! We even managed to ride it twice today and each time she came off saying how much she liked the ride.
Spending some time in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trails on the rope bridge.
Taking time to enjoy an afternoon snack, a chocolate muffin.
Meeting up with our friends late in the afternoon provided Rachel her friends, Miles, and his sister Emma. We spent the remainder of the day with them and the kids all loved hanging out together. Rachel especially loved taking advantage of Miles' sit and stand stroller. We really had a great day with all of our friends. And were sad to not see our friends renew their passes right away, but looking forward to the time that they do and we can have more fun times at The Happiest Place on Earth! :)

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Krissy said...

How fun it must be to live so close to Disney!! Looks like fun!