Thursday, September 04, 2008

Cindy McCain and Operation Smile

Did you know that Cindy McCain, the wife of presidental-hopeful, Senator John McCain, sits on the board of directors for Operation Smile??

Did you know that the daughter that she and Senator McCain adopted in 1991 had been born with a cleft lip and palate??

I can't remember where I read it, but one of the things she hopes to continue to raise awareness for if and when she becomes the First Lady, is in regards to facial birth defects. How cool is that!?!


Kim said...

I did know her story about their adopted daughter, but I had no idea about the rest of her life. Wow, she is a remarkable woman!

Also, because I'm so adoption-biased, I LOVED the part about her getting off the plane with the baby and John asking her where she was taking our home. "That's what I thought." Love it!

Darcy said...

She truly is a remarkable woman. She's done so much for humanity.

Liz said...

Oh wow! Is this the same daughter who's in pictures with them now? She looks to be about 18 or 19 years old, so I guess it might be. I don't know how many kids they have.

Darcy said...

No, this is just a picture of her holding a baby with a cleft from recent years on a mission. Their adopted daughter, if you watched the convention, is very dark skinned and very long dark hair.