Tuesday, July 22, 2008

San Elijo Beach Camping

We had a wonderful weekend camping with friends from our church. The drive was only about an hour and a half (much better compared to the drive to Mammoth) and once we arrived, we unloaded our car onto the picnic table and then moved our car across Pacific Coast Highway. Rachel and Hannah kept busy with friends Parker and Brandon, while we set up our tent and campsite.

After we were set up, and our friends had their trailer set up, we made a mid afternoon trip down to the beach. Rachel had a blast playing in the sand and with Caleb, a little boy her age. She even made her way out to the water and attempted to sit on a boogie board in the water, which she didn't like, but she did like pulling that board around behind her. Thursday evening found us hanging out around the campsite, having dinner, chatting, playing games. Putting Rachel to bed was relatively easy for the first night. She was pretty tired and went to sleep fairly quickly. The next morning we were up bright and early, thanks to the coastal commuter train just across PCH that started at 5:40am. We were up in time to join the beach combing party and made our way to the beach in search of shells and other treasures that had washed up on the shore in the night. After breakfast and some playing around the campsite, we packed our bags and lunch and headed back to the beach for the afternoon. Rachel loved going to the beach and playing in the sand. Her and Caleb played so well together and had tons of fun just sitting in a hole the older kids had dug and then filled with water. Friday evening after dinner, once it got dark, Paula set up an outdoor movie theater for the kids! She put a flat screen monitor facing out of her tent trailer bed, and put on a movie, complete with microwave popcorn (ahhh, the beauty of camping with hook up and people with trailers!) Paula set up the outdoor movie theater both Friday and Saturday night and it was a great way for the kids to settle down, unwind, and fall asleep in their camp chairs. Saturday morning, it was pretty overcast and chilly. We actually had a campfire until mid morning and sat around the campsite chatting, playing games, and then after lunch, when the sun came out and we headed to the beach for the afternoon. Paula had found this cute sand bowling mold and all the kids (and a few adults!) cleared out a spot and made way for Seal Bowling! Sunday was the day that everyone had to pack up and head for home. But first we had a nice breakfast and then went to work. The kids continued to play. But did do a great job of picking up all the trash on the two campsites.

After our sites were packed up and cleared and goodbyes were said, we went to visit Uncle Bart, who lives less than a mile from where we were camped. We showered and went to lunch and then ended our visit with ice cream! Rachel was so tired, she fell asleep at lunch, stayed asleep while being put into her car seat, but wouldn't you know it, she woke up just as we were digging into our ice cream.Rachel had so much fun camping at the beach. She's been saying since we left the campground that she wants to go back! LOL. To see more of our pictures from our beach camping, visit San Elijo Camping, July 2008.

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Looks like you guys had a great time! The pouty beach pic from '06 is adorable!