Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Evening trip to Disneyland

We met Uncle Bart at Disneyland late this afternoon. For some reason, Rachel was really looking forward to this trip all week, because she prayed "help us have fun at Di-neyland" all week when she prayed for meals, when she prayed at bedtime. LOL. We had a good time and enjoyed some usual attractions, as well as the new Toy Story Mania at California Adventure. This was coming off of the Toy Story Mania attraction. The ride was very cute and I can't wait to go on it again. Rachel had a lot of fun too.
Silly girl, trying on a 'coon skin hat. She thought she was pretty funny.
Watching and waiting for Hannah and Daddy on Grizzly River Run. It's a ride you get wet on, and we opted to sit out, nevermind the fact Rachel isn't tall enough...yet!We spent some time in California Adventure, and then went to Disneyland. We did some favorites over there and then ended with sitting on a curb on Main Street, enjoying ice cream sundaes on a warm Friday evening! A great way to end a week!

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