Friday, July 04, 2008

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July, spending the afternoon and evening in celebration with church family. There were about 100 people if not a little more and we had a wonderful time of fun, laughter, and fellowship, oh and tons of food!

"Happy 4th of July!" from our little firecracker.
The girls were so excited to have their church friends to play with all day long, even more excited that there was a giant inflatable waterslide and a pool in the backyard, with a little slip n slide in the front. It was pretty funny, Rachel kept using the slip n slide to get drinks of water. But what was even more funnier was when we were standing in line for food, and Rachel said she had to go potty, and Steven jokingly inquired as to why she just didn't go while she was in the pool, Rachel disappeared and Steven turned to see Rachel standing in the middle of the slip n slide, pulling her bathing suit down and going potty. LOL. Don't worry, the slip n slide was constantly getting straightened and water splashed off.
This is a great close up of Rachel and how awesome her lip looks!
~click on picture to enlarge~
This is Caleb, Rachel refers to him as her 'boyfriend'.
Rachel had so much and it didn't take long before she was fast asleep in her car seat on our way home.


Brian said...

Rachel's lip is AMAZING....perfect! She is one cutie patootie! : ) Spelling????? I also see why Rachel thinks Caleb is her "boyfriend".... another cutie! Glad you all had a nice 4th! Take care and much love...

Mishel said...

Such cute pictures! Glad you all had a great 4th!