Saturday, June 28, 2008

SeaWorld - Wednesday, June 25th

We've been talking about going to SeaWorld for months and now our trip has come and gone and the girls can't wait to go back again. I had found a coupon months ago in anticipation of this trip, that not only saved us $10 each, but it also gets us one more trip into the park before 2008 ends. SCORE!The girls were so excited! Rachel and I check out Shamu on the webcam several times a week and she was excited to get to see him in person. I thought she'd be a little overwhelmed by his size, but it didn't seem to phase her. We went to the first Shamu show and then later in the day we went to the underwater viewing area and then the Shamu skyway, where we got to see Shamu up close.The rest of our day had us relying on the map as to where to go, what we wanted to see, etc. By the end of the day, we saw everything at least once and some shows we saw twice because at night time they do a different show.SeaWorld has a Sesame Street Bay of Play with rope bridges and bounce houses and tunnels as well as a few things to get you wet. Having come prepared with their crocs and a change of clothes, the girls went to town and got absolutely soaked! Once they'd had their fun, we made our way into the nearest restroom and used paper towels to dry off and change their clothes and back into their socks and shoes. They had sooo much fun and I'm really glad I came prepared so they could do that.We saw and did so much, it's hard to remember in what order we did things. At the Rocky Point Reserve, where you can feed and touch the dolphins, we bought a tray of fish and Steven fed the dolphins all the while trying to hold Rachel so she could pet the dolphin. I believe she ended up touching ones nose. But just being that close to the dolphins was enough excitement for her. After walking all day the day before at the zoo, and then walking the majority of the day at SeaWorld, Rachel was plum worn out. She fell asleep shortly before the night time Shamu show and remained asleep as we made our way to the car, slipping her into her jammies and made the long drive home.We had such a great day! The girls really loved SeaWorld and asked continually the day after when it is that we can go back, Hannah actually started asking before we even left the park!

Take a look at more of our SeaWorld pictures.


Kim said...

Her holding the starfish is such a sweet picture!

The Ski's said...

What great adventures you all have had recently! How wonderful for your girls! I am excited for when Reid is old enough for us to do these things as a family. You are making great memories!

I am tired just reading all you have done recently! You must be EXHAUSTED!!!! Rest up....and hugs to all!