Friday, June 27, 2008

San Diego Zoo - Tuesday June 24th

Our camping trip was over, but our adventures in San Diego were just beginning. When we went to the Zoo this time last year, it had been Rachel's first time to the zoo. Since then, we've gone to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, aka 'the zoo park' a couple of times and therefore, Rachel knew exactly what to expect in going to the zoo. That we would see lots of animals! And Rachel LOVES animals!

Knowing we were heading to the zoo, I picked up these cute parrot hats at the Dollar Tree and tucked them away for our trip. The were cute, but as the day worn on, I got tired of seeing these obnoxious colored hats in every picture and started having them take their hats off for some pictures. LOL. Several times throughout the week Rachel and I will check the webcams of the apes, the polar bears, the pandas, and the elephants. It was so much fun to get to see the animals in person, especially the pandas. We've been watching Zhen Zhen, the baby panda born last August since she was born, and it was so exciting to get to see her out on exhibit with her Mommy. She was sleeping up in the tree both times we visited the exhibit, but at least she was out.Rachel and Hannah shared a drink at lunch, here Rachel is being a goofball using both the straws. The hippos were actually up and about this time. Last year they were hovering off to one end of their exhibit. Not this guy, he kept going round and round in circles. He was definitely fun to watch.Did you know flamingoes aren't born pink?? They get their coloring from the crustaceans they eat. The zoo had quite a few baby flamingoes born this last Spring. Aren't they cute???The San Diego Zoo has a skyway that takes you from one end of the zoo to the other. They used to have one at Disneyland, but it's been gone for years. Rachel kept pointing to the buckets high in the sky, saying she wanted to ride them. She was so happy when we took the skyway from the polar bears to the other side of the park. After what seemed like walking miles and miles at the zoo, we arrive to our car. Where Rachel, after sitting still for just a few minutes, fell asleep. The girl had walked ALL DAY and kept up like a real trooper.

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