Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our Poor Girlie

For the last six weeks, every 2-3 weeks, Rachel will develop this cough and she'll cough continually (this really annoying hack) all day, usually all night long, and then as quickly as it came on, it goes away the next afternoon. It's weird. That's how this cough started yesterday morning. Having been down this road a couple of times the last several weeks, I had a feeling as to how the remainder of the day and the night would be, but I was wrong. Our night was much more worse than I had anticipated.

It was around midnight when the night went downhill. She coughed and coughed and coughed. There were times the cough just didn't let up. I've tried every cough syrup and cold and cough medicine over the course of the last couple of weeks and nothing seems to work. The humidifier was on and providing a cool mist in her room, but didn't really show signs of it helping. We even went as far as sitting out on the patio around 3:00am in the coolness of the night. Rachel's barking got all the dogs in the neighborhood barking. LOL. At one point we contemplated going to the ER for a possible breathing treatment. But after much, much prayer on both of our parts and then together, her breathing eased and we were able to make it through the night.

This morning I took our girlie to Urgent Care. She has the croup. Which was one of our suspicions, but we weren't sure if it ws that or something asthmatic. The doctor heard no wheezing, her lungs were clear and we were sent home with Prednisone and an RX for a cough suppressant. We came home from the pharmacy, after stopping at Starbucks for an apple juice sure to make it all better, and had a bath. She's doing better. The poor girl is exhausted, as are her Mommy and Daddy, but we're hanging in there. She is napping now.

We need to follow up with our Pediatrician before leaving for our big trip. Please be praying that the steroids help and tonight is a much better night in our household.


Liz said...

Poor baby girl! Sarah had croup & asthma crud in March. It was pretty awful & she felt yucky! I'll be praying for your little lady to get better QUICK.

The Ski's said...

Ohhhh, Darcy. Yes, yes, yes...I can relate. Ellie is famous for croup....and of course, the nights are the worse. I, too, have sat in the cool air outside as well as the steaming bathroom while the shower was running on full power HOT for 20 min. or so. That is a terrible feeling to just watch your little one feel so miserable and nothing can really help at that point. I hope that your night is a restful one tonight. Ellie would usually perk up after a couple of days on I am hoping that Rachel cam bounce back quickly. Is she on an inhaler, too? Did she have a breathing treatment there? We go through this every 3 months or so. Our doctor was actually concerned about ashtma at one I feel for you. We will keep you all in thought, and hope that tonight is much better for you all. Hang in there....

Kim said...

Is she doing better now? She looks pretty miserable in the picture!

I am not familiar with croup. Ryan has had a terrible hacking cough the last week or so (we think it's allergies), but it calms down at night, so I guess it isn't croup, huh?