Monday, June 23, 2008

Home Today, Gone Tomorrow

We made it home from our camping trip last night. Today finds us all catching up on blogs, websites, television shows, etc. Not to mention attacking the massive mountain of laundry and then packing again.

Yes, packing again.

Tomorrow we are heading to San Diego for two days to go to the Zoo and to Sea World. Rachel is soooo excited to be going to see Shamu, someone we check in on the webcam a couple times a week. I think when she sees him in person, she's going to be overwhelmed by his size because he appears so small on the webcam. LOL.

The girls will be heading to Gramie's for the weekend on Thursday afternoon, I'll have time then to post more about our camping trip and then our adventures in San Diego. Be sure to check back then!

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Mishel said...

I forgot y'all were going to SD! Wow! What a whirlwind for sure, but it will be so much fun! : )

It was *wonderful* meeting and spending time with you and your family. I think Rande would've liked to stay and camp out with you guys for the night! LOL He enjoyed himself just as much as I did!

And yes, we will get together soon--and with Ash and the boys. Can't wait! : )