Saturday, May 03, 2008

A 50th Fiesta

This afternoon we went to a 50th birthday party for my Aunt Judy. Because her birthday falls on Cinco De Mayo, the party was a Mexican Fiesta theme complete with chips and salsa, all the fixings for tacos and burritos, and what Fiesta wouldn't be complete without a pinata!!

Despite having Mexican food for lunch, Rachel was happy to sit with Papa on the picnic table and eat some more Mexican food. But it wasn't long before she was off and playing with her cousins and the other few little girls in attendance.Once everyone was done eating, it was time for the breaking of the pinata. I believe this was Rachel's first pinata and she had fun hitting the thing with the plastic bat. All the kids had a chance at hitting it, but ultimately it was the birthday girl who finished off the beating of the pinata and the candy came flying out. The pinata was packed with fruit snacks and roll ups, mini bags of M&M's, and Tootise Rolls, the pinata couldn't have been filled with anything better, all are Rachel's favorites! The pinata wasn't the only fun activity for the kids to play, they played pin the tail on the donkey and everyone walked away a winner with a regular sized candy bar!! Rachel was excited for big candy bar and as much as she wanted to eat it then, it went into the loot bag with the rest of the candy.The rest of the time was spent relaxing and chatting with family members, cake and presents, and the kids went about playing with the broken pieces of the pinata and the pinata rope. Who knew you could have so much fun with a rope!As the evening went on, Cousin Kevin brought out a portable DVD player and the girls all sat around watching a movie in the dark. Kinda like their own mini drive in, without the cars! As always Rachel loved playing with her cousins, and was so worn out that she was asleep in the car before we'd even hit the major street to head for home.

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