Thursday, March 20, 2008

Having Fun with the Juicer

Tonight after dinner, I needed to juice some lemons, whereas the juicer must have looked like a ton of fun because the entire family got in on juicing. After finishing the big bag of lemons, we juiced the entire bag of oranges we'd recently been given. Rachel had fun juicing the oranges too, she put all her might into it, click on the picture and take a look at how messy her hands got in the process.

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joan said...

What a lovely little girlie and what a wonderful repair. I spent several years at Shriner's rehab with a grandson. During that time I met many cleft repair kiddos and their moms. I saw good repairs and bad ones. Rachel's looks wonderful! Your little girls are both darling.

Having a child with physical problems is a growing, but precious experience as you look back over the journey. God has been good in giving you great doctors--its obvious from her repair.

Visit my website sometime and read about Nicolas, my special boy.

I'll enjoy following your girls.

Thanks for sharing their lives.