Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Cousins Come to Play!!

As if the day couldn't possibly get any more fun, McKenzie and Haylee came home from preschool with us today. I had planned ahead and had a picnic lunch all packed and in the car. We went to the park and enjoyed the beautiful day. The plan was to eat, play on the play structures, and feed the ducks, but three little girls eventually had to go potty and there was no way I was taking all of them into the park restrooms, so we came home to use the clean potty. After a brief stop at home, we headed to Gramma's to drop off something, and then to get Hannah from school. All the girls were excited to see each other and looked forward to playing together. Here, is the view from my rear view mirror, four girls, all chatting and being silly.The rest of the afternoon was pretty much spent outside, enjoying the blue skies and warm weather, the swing set and all the other fun toys. There was an occasional need to take a rest and get some water too. After dinner, we went back to the park and fed the ducks. Well, there were a few ducks, but mostly these little black duck wannabes. The girls had fun and we went through two loaves of bread, and a half a bag of popcorn. Following our trip to the park, it was home for baths for four very dirty little girlies. And time to unwind by watching a movie. Rachel was very sad to see her cousins leave when Uncle Robbie and Auntie came to pick them up. But she'll seen them soon, there's school on Thursday, and Easter on Sunday!

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