Friday, February 15, 2008

Two Packed Suitcases?!?!?

...that could only mean that TWO girlies are leaving for the weekend!!!

The girls are heading to Gramie's for the weekend and are very much looking forward to it, and truth be told, so is Mommy. :)

This morning, they asked when Gramie was coming to get them. I explained that Grandpa Steve would be coming by on his route today and he would take them up to Gramie's house. They asked when. I wasn't sure whether or not it'd be at the end of his delivery route, which would be early afternoon, or whether he'd pick up the girls midway through his route and finish the route with them with him. But to play it safe, I told them it'd probably be after lunch.

At 9:00, Rachel asked for lunch thinking it would bring Papa Steve sooner. LOL. They didn't have to wait too long, he arrived shortly before 11:00 and they didn't even let him sit for a short visit, they had their suitcases and jackets in tow and they were outta here.

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