Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Fun Time at the Park

This afternoon, Haylee and McKenzie came home with us after preschool. However, instead of coming home, we grabbed a $5 pizza and went to the park! It was a beautiful day and I thought we'd take advantage of it before the 'big storm' hits late tonight.

The girls played and played and had so much fun. Gramma even stopped by to say 'hello' to three of her granddaughters. We stayed at the park until it was time to load everyone back into their car seats and go get Hannah from school. The girls stayed with us for the remainder of the afternoon and into the evening, having so much fun. Not too much time will lapse between seeing the cousins and having even more fun, as it's McKenzie's birthday this weekend and she's having a party. And then following the party, Rachel and Hannah will spend the remainder of the day and have a sleepover while we go to a church Christmas party. They are so excited!

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Grace said...

Thanks again Darcy for watching the girls! It was a HUGE help to me!! and thanks for making it so fun for them! Pic nic at the park...awesome! They love that kind of stuff, and getting to see gramma was a treat too!! The girls can't wait for the sleep over...not sure what they are more excited for...the party or the sleepover!