Thursday, November 29, 2007

Parent / Teacher Conference

We have just returned home from having had our parent/teacher conference with Rachel's preschool teacher.

For the first half, you observe your child through a one way window. She was fun to watch and have her not know you're watching. She was just as busy as she is at home, running from here to there, from this end of the classroom to the other. She played dress up (her favorite thing to do) and played house. It was pretty funny when she pulled the tablecloth off the table and put it into the washer and dryer. LOL. Hmmm....must have seen that one at home.

And then after observing, the teacher comes in and talks to you and gives you this evaluation sheet she has filled out in regards to your child. Mrs. Wilson had nothing but positive and good things to say about Rachel. She is at average or above average for a normal three year old.

We were pretty surprised at some of the things she said on her evaluation sheet. For example:

In regards to social skills and relationships with peers - "Rachel is very friendly and outgoing. She readily allows others to join in her chose activity".

As far as her emotional development/temperament - "Rachel is very out going and even tempered. She is starting to show excellent self control".

And we were most pleased when we talked about her speech. It appears that all the money we put out for speech this last year, is paying off with the compliments we received on well she talks! LOL. Rachel is "Very articulate, good vocabulary, therefore she has the ability to express herself quite well." Mrs. Wilson said the times she is hard to understand is nothing out of the ordinary for a child her age. Whoo Hoo! Someone outside the family can understand her! LOL.

After continuing to talk for a while, Rachel's class was now out on the playground, so we watched her from the balcony going from one end of the playground to another, and having lots of fun.

We are very happy to have received such a good report on Rachel's progress in school!


Kim said...

It's always nice to hear a good report about our kids, huh?!

It's particularly great that she can understand her so well! Go, Rachel!

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

Glad she is doing so well. That is great news about the speech. I was kind of wondering if we need to get Adalynn into an EI program to help with speech. I guess I will ask the pediatrician at her 6 month check.

kinome said...

so nice! i am glad she is doing well!