Thursday, November 15, 2007

Feast Day at Preschool

With there being no school next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the preschool classes had their Feast Day today. The younger two classes, the Bouncing Bunnies and the Pooh Bear class, combined together for a large gathering. While the four older classes also combined for an even larger gathering.
The Bouncing Bunnies and the Pooh Bears
coming together to share in Feast Day.
The Sunny Sunflowers, Busy Bees, Cute Kittens, and Lucky Ladybugs - aka the Pilgrims and the Indians, gathering for their Thanksgiving Feast.
The tables were long and set with very beautiful centerpieces and everyone had their very own placemat that they had decorated. The younger kids had painted leaves and apples, while the older kids were more creative and their place mats said what they were thankful for and were laminated. I love what my niece was thankful for..."her turtles at home". The Feast for the younger kids consisted of raisins, apple slices, chunks of cheese, popcorn, a yummy pumpkin cookie, and what feast wouldn't be complete without black olives to use as finger puppets!After today, I've determined that Rachel will need her very own can of black olives on Thanksgiving, that girl was putting them away!! And ignoring the cheese chunks, which was a surprise seeing how she loves cheese.
Declining the caramel dipping sauce for the apple slices offered by Auntie.
Finishing off the preschool morning, Rachel cooperated for a picture with her turkey hat on with the large turkey. Gobble, Gobble.

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Grace said...

Great pictures Darcy! Love Ray in the turkey hat, oh and the olive shots...too funny!!