Sunday, September 23, 2007

California Adventure with Friends

Rachel had kind of a weird night last night, she complained her tummy hurt and then threw up an hour later. While she was totally fine this morning, the girls and I stayed home from church, just in case. But as the morning went on, last night had to be the result of something not agreeing with her and we went about our plans for the day.

Our plan for the remainder of the day consisted of going to California Adventure with some friends from church. They bought annual passes last weekend! We had so much fun today and we're really looking forward to many more trips together. It was another beautiful day to be outside and wait times for rides were minimal. Having other adults in our party meant that we could ride the 'good rides' and we did just that.
Rachel interacting with 'PUSH' the talking and interactive trash can.

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Debi said...

WOW so even though we are poor we can still use our passes....I see how it is...LOL