Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1st Day of Preschool

Today was the BIG day...the day we've been talking up for months to get Rachel to potty train. LOL. I'm sure she thought the day would never come. LOL. Daddy and Mommy both took Rachel to school. She was so excited to be going and to see her cousins.
She practically RAN to class, leaving us in the dust.
Into her classroom, she went straight for the play dough. We watched for a few minutes and then called her over to say goodbye, she gave us a hug and went back to the play dough. No separation problems here. LOL.
I arrived to the school early after going to Curves and running some errands. I spotted Rachel in the playground and watched her bounce around. She eventually saw me sitting in the van and came to the fence and waved, she acted happy to see me. She then would climb up the ladder to the play structure and turn and wave again. She wasn't exactly happy to see me when I got to her class. She was mad I was there to take her home. It was really tough getting her to leave. I finally told her let's go look for Haylee and McKenzie and that worked. LOL. Here she is sitting and waiting for them to come out of their classrooms.She had a great 1st day and will probably be asking tomorrow if she gets to go to school again. LOL.


Theresa said...

aw! yay! I'm so glad she did so well! :)

Anonymous said...

wow, such a beautiful profile

the surgeries have been well done

i was also born with a unilateral cleft lip