Saturday, August 04, 2007

Visiting Uncle Bart

We were invited down for the day to my Uncle Bart's place today. My Uncle Kirk and Aunt Candy were spending the weekend with my Uncle Bart, so we got to visit with them as well. We've not seen them in quite a few years, my Uncle Kirk has never met Rachel, so he got to meet her and see what a character she is.

Rachel was especially excited to learn that she was going to go swimming. She's been asking me all week to fill up the little kid pool, and I keep forgetting. She did such a great job in the pool. She even went under the water, which we took advantage of seeing how she no longer has tubes in her ears. She loved it! After the pool, and after going to dinner, Uncle Bart took us to a park near his house. This park was soooo awesome. I really, really wished they had parks like this around our house. It had cool things to climb on and play on, it was clean and well taken care of, it was beautifully landscaped, and you weren't scared or anxious about any of the other people at the park. :X After the park, we went down the road to the beach. The water was exceptionally warm and the girls had a blast splashing and kicking and going into the water. Rachel reminded me so much of some old home videos that my parents have of me running from the incoming waves when I was little. Rachel was running from the little waves and was laughing and jumping and squealing. After the beach, we went for ice cream and then back to Uncle Barts' place for a bit. The girls were worn out from swimming and playing at the park and probably the fresh air! Rachel was asleep before we even loaded into the car, Hannah wasn't too far behind that, and neither was Mommy. LOL.


Grace said...

looks like you guys had a great time. it's always a hoot hanging out with Kirk and Candy and then put Bart in the's fun!

we have been to that park and it is very nice!! so clean!! they are building a new park over by us, and I hope it will stay nice!!

Kim said...

Wow, what a neat park!