Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ear Infection...Again

Rachel was just not acting herself yesterday. She was whiney (more than usual) and felt warm at times. She woke up in the middle of the night feeling hot again. So this morning, I took her to be seen at Urgent Care. And just as I had suspected, it was her ears. She has the beginnings of an ear infection, and her throat was red and swollen as well. Don't let her somber look fool you to thinking she feels poorly. She was giggling and laughing and being silly just prior to me taking this picture. She then proceeded to pull her dress over her head and ask "where's Rachel?". LOL.

Tomorrow, she has her repeat hearing test. Which I'm not sure how helpful the test will be seeing how she has a mild ear infection. Next week we see her ENT to discuss tomorrow's results and whether or not to put tubes in her ears again. At this point, having now had two ear infections since we saw him at the end of June, I'm sure he'll be recommending tubes.

However, prayers would be appreciated that she'll cooperate for her hearing test tomorrow and that the audiologist works well with small children. :)

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