Sunday, August 19, 2007

An Afternoon of Fun and Fellowship

This afternoon we went to some friends house with a pool. Rachel was soooo excited to be going to Caleb's house. Caleb is a friend of hers from Sunday School, they are only 4 months apart in age, and Rachel absolutely adores him. They played so well together all afternoon outside the pool and in. I had the most adorable picture of the two of them sitting on a little bench eating hot dogs, but something went haywire with my camera and I lost them.

Rachel loves the pool! She really exhibits no fear and a couple of times she jumped right off the edge into Steven's arms. Here she is trying to figure out the snorkle. She had so much fun, and played so hard, that she was asleep before we even got home, and it was only about a 5 mile drive home!

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