Thursday, July 19, 2007

Potty Training Update

By George I think she may get to go to preschool afterall! LOL. I was really beginning to get nervous. But I think she's getting it.

For the last week and a half, I have been working really hard on getting Rachel potty trained. I stopped putting Pull-Ups on her and used the thick training pants. And she's stayed dry 9/10 times! The chart and the high fives and the M&Ms help.

The only problem I do have is her pooping her panties. Ugh. She has to get that down...and soon! The rinsing out of the panties bring back childhood memories of my mother making me rinse my own panties out in the toilet. :) She expected me to poop in the toilet at the age of four, and if I couldn't, I had to rinse out my own panties. Go figure. LOL.

Any thoughts? Ideas? As to fix this problem, would be GREATLY appreciated!!! :)


Grace said...

HB did the same thing...#2 in the panties. McK never did though. Anyway, what worked for HB was me being very detailed and illustrative in explaining where the poop is supposed to and where it isn't. I had to say as I am dumping in into the toilet that this is where it goes, not in panties. I pointed out the pic in the book that showed the little who pooped on the floor too. Then I asked her, is that where it goes, and waited for her to answer me...then I explained in detail when your tummy starts to feel this way and you feel it want to come out, that is when you need to go to the toilet, etc...we talked about all day long, over and over. I asked her questions like, what do you do when you feel your tummy do this or that. I talked to her about it while she was on the pot too. Just re-affirming that's the right way to do it,and praising her for doing a good job, etc...

That is all I really did. It just took one good day, and that was it.

I wish I had a magic answer, but maybe this helps a little bit...good luck!

Grace said...

Oh and one more thing...I have to say that I was very detailed and illustrative, not because I thought HB wasn't smart, but because for some reason she wasn't making the connection with not only does pee go in the toilet, but poop does too.

ok, bed time...

CodeDork said...

What you failed to mention was you were 15 when mom made you rinse your unmentionables out in the toilet.

Kim said...

Praying for you!

Maybe just keep putting her on every 15 minutes until she eventually goes? I'm clueless as to what to do with Abby too.

Both mine knew/know where it goes, but Abby just doesn't feel it before it's too late.