Monday, July 30, 2007

Into Hannah's Bed

It seems like more and more often lately, that we find Rachel having made her way into Hannah's bed, despite being put into their own beds. They're cute though, aren't they?


Theresa said...

aw! they're adorable!!!

Ethan almost always sleeps in Jeremy's bed at night. I'm not sure why either.

Susan said...

Darcy, they are so cute. My sister use to do this to me when we were kids and it drove me nuts. LOL Rachel sure has bloomed into a beautiful little girl. Both of them are beautiful. Tell Hannah that Sarah says HI!

Diana said...

Awwww...what a great picture! Katie does this, too...sneaks into Trevor's bed. I do have the cutest picture of them sleeping with their arms around each other, though. :-D