Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Chart for Rachel

The other day, after going to a local school supply store to pick up a star chart for Hannah, the idea hit me to do a chart for Rachel and her potty training. So for the past few days, everytime she goes potty on the potty chair, she gets a sticker for her little chart that has been posted on the bathroom door, as well as a couple M&M's. She's been doing really well the past couple of days, excited to put stickers on her chart, and see what new stickers I come up with everyday. LOL. In order for her to go to preschool, Rachel HAS to be potty trained. She was doing really good about a month or so ago, and then got freaked out by the toilet. We've really been working hard at it the past couple of days, I have about 7 weeks before she starts preschool. I would really appreaciate prayers for this to be successful as well as any advice from all you "been there, done that" moms. :)

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