Saturday, July 21, 2007

Castle Park

Our church hosted an event today at Castle Park. The ticket got us a wrist band for unlimited rides, but more importantly it got us into the concert in the evening. There were about five bands that played and the entire event was hosted by our church. We had a fun day. After being there about half an hour, we found another family from our church and we ended up hanging out with them the entire day and evening! We really enjoyed hanging out with them and getting to know their family better. Rachel really loved hanging out with their daughter, Bethany, who Rachel had just spent the week with in VBS. They had so much fun going on the rides together.

Rachel was excited there was a Merry Go Round. She chose to ride the kitty, which had a bird in it's mouth, which was weird.

The concerts were good, and LOUD. Surprisingly Rachel fell asleep laying in Steven's arms on the picnic table. I knew she was tired after being out in the heat all day and such, but it was really loud!

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