Monday, June 11, 2007

Breakfast with Cathy

For the last 18 months, Rachel has been going to the church nursery, and week after week, the two workers have been the same for the entire time.

Rachel has developed quite a fondness for Cathy. And Cathy refers to Rachel as her "fill" until she has grandkids of her own. LOL. Rachel goes right to Cathy and if she sees her outside of the nursery, she runs and gives her hugs. It has been such a relief having such wonderful women to hand your toddler over to and know that they are loved and cared for. Unfortunate for us, but fortunate for Cathy and her husband, they are moving to Montana this week and beginning a new chapter in their life. As a special goodbye time for Rachel, Cathy had us over for breakfast this morning. It was such a nice time of fellowship.

We're going to miss Cathy. I'm so thankful and grateful that the Lord blessed us with someone as special as Cathy. For a while, I know the question of the morning on Sunday mornings will be "where's my Cathy?".

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