Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rachel: The Destroyer

Some kids are gentle with things. Some kids are rough. Hannah never once did she break anything as a toddler (I think with the exception of an antique plate at my parents house). Rachel, is totally a different story. She has broken more things than you would believe.

It started at a young age. Which should have been a red light then, but it wasn't. LOL. She pulled a basin and pitcher off a table in our bedroom, breaking the basin in half. It wasn't until the last six months I found a new basin to replace the broken one.

There's been other little things along the way. But lately there have been some pretty major ones worth mentioning.

Last week, during a day in which it was a battle of the wills, and I was going to win by her taking a nap, Rachel pulled the curtains off of her wall, leaving about a dime size tear in the drywall. I now need to purchase a new curtain rod and patch the hole. I didn't realize how much I liked her curtains, until they've been down for a week.

Yesterday afternoon while I was vaccuming Hannah's room, I shut the door to vaccum behind the door and discovered a hole in the door about the size of a dime. The hole had been made as a result of the door being slammed into the door stopper over and over and over again...with force. The hole hasn't been there long, because it wasn't there a week ago when Steven measured and charted Hannah's height on her growth chart. I didn't get mad. I didn't let it stress me out. I'm not saying it didn't bother me, but what good is it to get so upset over something I can't fix?? I was thankful the hole is on the back of the door! I kinda had to laugh about it...because, that's our Rachel.


Kim said...

I can so relate! I don't think Ryan has EVER broken anything either...I know for sure if he did it was a sheer accident.

Abby on the other hand...well, let's just say she doesn't even have curtains hanging in her room anymore! She's trying to "earn" the right to have them back by showing me she can treat her things nicely. Some of her destructiveness is not her fault, like her Mommy, she is very clumsy too!

This will get better as they age, right? :D Lord, let it be so!

Grace said...

oh Darcy, she makes me laugh! Sorry, like you want to hear someone laugh at a time like that...I wish I could tell what was spinning around in that little head of hers. Are you taking pictures? 'Cause that title would actually make a great scrapbook page...plus, it will be evidence of the money she owes you when she grows up...HA!