Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

The day before Easter means a massive egg hunt in our neck of the woods. In years past, it's been an egg hunt to span almost all the front yards of our Cul de Sac, involving 10-12 kids, and egg counts as high as 300. However, our street has gone through some changes over the last year, and a lot of the kids living on the street don't get a long with one another, so we decided to do a massive egg hunt of our own, in our backyard, with just our girls and the three girls next door. It'll was still a massive hunt...there are 150 eggs to be found!

Because this year's hunt was on a much smaller scale as far as the amount of kids go, I was able to try something that I had read in a magazine a couple years ago and assinged each kid a color. Rachel and Gracie, because they aren't real good on their colors yet, were able to pick up green and yellow eggs.

Both the little girls had a blast, both going after eggs, collecting them in their baskets, and then...Gracie dropped one and it broke in two, and she discovered the eggs actually had candy in them! That was it, her search was over, she was happy with the candy she'd found. LOL.
That's the way to get the egg atop the slide, grab it, slide down,
and trust your friend isn't going to take off with your basket .

"This isn't my basket, but I bet they wouldn't mind sharing what's in it".

Rachel has discovered a new love...RingPops!
It was so much fun to watch Rachel hunt for eggs this year. She was having so much fun and understands what 'candy' is this year. Which is the reason she was the one who kept sneaking into the house this afternoon, climbing atop the kitchen counter, and sneaking candy. LOL. I'm sure she'll do just fine tomorrow when we do another massive egg hunt at Gramma and Papa's house. Only this time it'll be even more fun because Haylee and McKenzie will be there hunting too!


Grace said...

She is so funny. I am sure it was a hoot to watch her. She is looking more and more like Hannah too. Especially in the blue tounged pic. Tomorrow will be fun too!

Melany aka Supermom said...

I love the way she looked into that basket. So darn cute

Kim said...

I was thinking the same thing as Grace...she is looking more like Hannah. Glad she had a great time!