Sunday, April 01, 2007

Celebrating Uncle Bart's Birthday

Today we went to Disneyland. About a month ago, Uncle Bart mentioned wanting the family to meet for breakfast at Disneyland and then spend the day together for his birthday. He was able to get Gramma and Papa tickets into the park on the Military Base, which was nice because they've not been since their annual passes expired last year.

Uncle Bart is always saying how he'd like to
work at Disneyland if he could be Tigger.
The breakfast in which we went to was a character breakfast where the characters come to your table to interact, sign autographs, and take pictures. This was Rachel's first character dinning experience and I think she really enjoyed it. She wore her Minnie Mouse (it was actually Hannah's dress) dress today and was so adorable if I say so myself. This is the first time she's dressed up for going to Disneyland. Rachel was very excited to see Minnie Mouse across the dinning room. She was even more excited when Minnie came to our table.
Eeyore came to our table...a LOT.
After breakfast we headed out to hit some rides. Rachel and Gramma got to spend some quite a lot of time together since Rachel doesn't meet the height requirements on the 'good rides'. While the big people were in line for the Matterhorn, Rachel, Gramma, and Hannah were greeted by Alice in Wonderland and stopped to pose for a picture with the girls.
"Go Faster Gramma, Go Faster"
The afternoon included more rides, enjoying some seats in the shade, and snacks. Daddy had to head home to serve in his evening church ministry, and we got a ride home with Gramma and Papa and stayed into the evening. We also watched the parade. Here the girls are using Papa in order to see the parade. Disneyland was extremely crowded today. Lines were long. But the day was a beautiful spring day and we managed to ride a lot of rides and a have a great day!

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