Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Naptime Struggles

If you're a regular follow of Rachel's Journey, you can see that I've been having trouble keeping the blog updated. The reason you may's Rachel.

The hour, hour and a half of "me time" I used to have during Rachel's nap has been nonexistant lately, because naptimes have been a real struggle. For the past two days, it's been a 45 minute battle of putting her back into her bed everytime she's gotten out. Thankfully Steven has been the one to deal with that the last two days, he has WAY more patience than I do. But by the time she finally falls asleep, I have ten, maybe fifteen minutes at the most before I have to leave to get Hannah from school, which doesn't exactly leave me enough time to blog, let alone keep up on my email. I hope for things to be back to normal soon...once Rachel adjusts to the time change, etc.

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Kim said...

I was going to email you and ask how naptime was going...sorry to hear it's not better!

I have zero "me time" too, so my blogs get updated hit and miss as well. You do much better than you think you do! It seems like I'm always reading something new on at least one of your blogs. I end up just skipping lots of the things I wanted to post because they're so old it seems pointless. :(