Saturday, March 10, 2007

An Evening at California Adventure

We originally had plans to go to California Adventure all day today with our neighbors, but one of the kids came down with a cold, so they cancelled our plans. We were pretty bummed. Steven had a church project work on. So knowing that my Uncle was up doing work at my parents house, the girls and I stopped by to visit on our way to Home Depot for flowers and pots. Long story short, Uncle Bart was up for making an evening trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. So after his project was finished at my parents house, he was over and off we went.

Rachel wanted nothing to do with me. She wanted Uncle Bart to hold her hand and to carry her on his shoulders. He was her buddy and it was pretty cute. If she met the height requirements, I'm sure Rachel would ride some of the wilder rides. She's a wild child. Inside the Redwood Creek Challenge, you can place your hand upon a rock to determine which animal your characteristics are most like.
This concept is taken from the Brother Bear movie. Rachel was a "Beaver - hardworking and industrious".We defiantely should think about somehow constructing one of these rope courses in our backyard, Rachel LOVES this! We had a great evening, defiantely made up for the disappointment of not getting to the spend the day with friends.

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Kim said...

Abby loves those rope things too. Looks like she had lots of fun!