Saturday, February 03, 2007

She's a Big Girl Now!

We picked up Rachel's big girl bed last night and came home to put it up. Up went the big girl bed, and down came the crib. ::sigh:: My baby is no longer a baby.

Rachel could hardly wait for her bed to be put together. Once it was done, and it was time to put on her new Tinkerbell sheets, I had a hard time keeping her off the bed so I could actually put the sheets on!!
Pretending to be asleep in her new big girl bed
Ready for bed!
Asleep in her new bed
Rachel did great in her bed. Had a little trouble settling down. But she never once got out of her bed. This morning she got out of her bed and announced to the house "I'm Up, I'm Up". LOL.


Debi said...

Oh my she is growing up so quickly!!! AND I LOVE those sheets!! TOO Cute! Glad that it went well last night...she is just too cute! Luv her!

Anonymous said...

Cute bed! My crib came down this week too...a sad, sad day...time goes by too quickly. You are a big girl, Rachel!