Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Afternoon Roadtrip!

We went on a Roadtrip on this fine Sunday Afternoon. A roadtrip that combined our family with our friends, The W***** Family. Rachel was beyond excited when we piled into their car and headed up to the San Bernardino Mountains, with our destination being the Lake Arrowhead Village. There are all kinds of things to, eat, play. Rachel was especially excited about the carrousel. As mentioned in a prior post, she loves Merry Go Rounds and Carrousels, and this one located right on the shore of the lake was no different. She especially enjoyed this one because unlike the ones located at Disneyland, this carrousel actually had reins to "guide" your horse.The majority of the stores were already decorated for Christmas, the only evidence of it being Fall, was this lone scarecrow and adorable turkey. Our two families had a great afternoon, and needless to say, Rachel was disappointed when our time together came to an end.


Kym said...

Darcy, She is such a ham. Such cute pictures. Looks like she had fun...

Anonymous said...

Hi Darcy,

You left a couple of comments on my blog for my daughter Kira and I was able to find your blog that way. It sounds like Rachel is doing so well. It is wonderful to see that her speech is progressing so well.

Take care,