Friday, November 03, 2006

Speech Update

Rachel had speech today, not our normal speech day, but due to a scheduling conflict we met today instead of on Wednesday.

Rachel has really progressed the last couple of weeks with her speech. She talks all the time, and lately not just in jibber jabber, but in actual words you can understand. Leaving me questioning why it was we were going to speech once a week. So when Rachel's speech therapist called a few days ago to rescedule our appointment, I talked to her about the possibility of perhaps only meeting once every 3-4 weeks. And our therapist agreed.

So for now, Rachel will go every 3 weeks to speech therapy. I am so looking forward to not going every week!


Kim said...

Praise God! What a relief to not go every week! I remember what an inconvenience that is.

Grace said...

That is great news! I thought she sure was talkative at the Halloween parade...