Monday, August 07, 2006

Shopping Carts Deemed Unsafe

This morning while I was driving Hannah to school, one of the news pieces was that the American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending parents "consider alternatives to placing children in shopping carts, until carts are redesigned to prevent injury", in the August Issue.

This news blurb made me chuckle as I remembered back to Rachel's encounter with a grocery cart last year. I didn't think about the serious injuries, such as the carts tipping over, children obtaining head injuries and such, as mentioned in the article, until I read why they were deeming shopping carts unsafe, I simply thought about my child getting her leg stuck in the cart, which required the fire department come to her rescue. LOL.


Grace said...

wow! It will be interesting to see what they come up with...McKenzie got her arm stuk in a Target shopping fire department needed, but it was stuck enough to get my heart racing.

Kim said...

Just last week Abby tipped over the whole cart at Wal-Mart...including my full latte. What a mess that was! Though I must confess, it was user error. I usually buckle her into the front seat, but I decided to let them both walk beside me that day, and she turned it over while I was at the customer service counter and not paying close enough attention. She was fine and more upset because she knew she had disobeyed than from being hurt or soaked in coffee.