Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Glimpse into our Journey

Last weekend as I was searching You Tube for some videos of an experiment we had seen on TV, I entered "Cleft Lip" into the site search, and much to my suprise I actually found a video.

This video is about Zachary's lip repair, his cleft lip was a different cleft than Rachel's, but a cleft none the less.

This video gives a glimpse of what it was like when Rachel had her lip repaired. We handed our baby off to the scrub nurse, we waited for hours in the waiting room, we were amazed at the work her plastic surgeon had performed, and experieced the "fun at home".

Reading the updates on Rachel's Journey is one thing, but seeing this video will truly give you a feel as to what our journey was like.

Zachary's Lip Repair

Thanks Jen for letting me share this.


Kim said...

I finally got a chance to watch this video. Wow, how neat they thought to video it! Thanks for sharing, though I cried through the whole thing. Did you happen to watch her other video about his birth?

I know my "baby" is four, but watching this made me dread our next visit to the OR. I guess no matter how old they are, it's HARD to turn them over to someone else...especially someone with a knife! :)

Darcy said...

Yep, I cry through the video each time I've watched it. It hits waaaay too close to home for us.

I watched her other video when little Zachary was featured on the news.

I think no matter what the age our baby's are, it'll always be hard to turn them over. You know we'll be praying for you!