Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pool Fun with Gracie

I found a little wading pool today, just like the one Rachel enjoyed so much at the 4th of July church function. Even better it was 50% off and I got it for $2.50!!

Before naptime, Rachel and Gracie dawned their swimsuits and gathered at Gracie's pool for some fun.
Who needs a pool, when you have a bucket?
Just like the bucket says, "It's all purpose".


Kim said...

$2.50, what a deal!

I have been trying to find one too, but since our streak of over-100-degree weather, they are gone, gone, gone!

We're using a large tub instead...I guess it's "all purpose," too. ;)

Darcy said...

Yeah, all the pools - hard plastic and inflatable are pretty hard to come by here. We've had more 100+ degree hot days than not.

We found this pool at the Military Exchange on March Air Force Base. My neighbor can get on the base. We'd been looking everywhere, so we were excited to find these out in the garden department where no one must go. LOL.