Monday, June 26, 2006

Pismo Vacation: Day 1

We left for a family vacation today. We are at a hotel that sits on the cliffs, overlooking the beach on the central California Coast. This hotel is a family favorite that we've been coming to for over 15 years. We are on vacation with Gramma and Papa, Uncle Robbie, Auntie, McKenzie, and Haylee.

The drive was a long one, it took over 5 hours to get here. And needless to say, Rachel doesn't enjoy long car rides. For the first 4 hours, she cried and fussed and whined until she finally fell asleep. Ahhh, silence is golden.

We stopped at a Fish Hatchery along the way. It was a nice diversion, and Rachel appreciated being able to get out and run for a bit. She loved seeing all the fish! However, when it was time to get back on the road, she wasn't happy about it. We arrived safely at our hotel and found Uncle Robbie and Auntie in their room. Rachel was sooo excited to see her cousins. Frankly, I think she was relieved to be out of her confining car seat. LOL. Our room is on the 4th floor. I'm sure the people below us think there is a heard of elephants above them. For someone being so small, Rachel has a heavy walk, or should I say run. LOL. The girl never slows down. After unpacking and settling in our room, we went to dinner at a favorite restaurant and then came back to our hotel to swim. Rachel did sooooo great in the pool. Despite going completely under within the first five minutes of being in the pool, she stayed in the pool and had a great time. After the pool, we hung out in Gramma and Papa's room for a while. Playing with some toys, having a snack, enjoying being together. When it was time to come back to our room for bed, Hannah had no problem at all going right to sleep, she was worn out. Rachel on the other hand, fussed for a while. It was late for our girls to be going to bed, close to, if not after 10:00pm. I was suprised Rachel didn't go down more willingly. Hopefully after a full day of playing and being out in the fresh air, she'll go down a little bit easier tomorrow night.


Kim said...

Ugh...putting kiddies to sleep in strange beds can be difficult, huh?

Looks like a nice place. Since you're blogging, you must have internet connection too, huh? :D

Darcy said...

Yeah, Rachel is sleeping in her pack n play, something she has only done maybe 3 times in her entire life. LOL.

The hotel has wireless internet available in certain areas of the grounds. Near the office and the rooms surrounding the office. We however, are mooching off someone's network in the houses or hotel next door, just outside our sliding door. LOL.

Kim said...'s amazing how many people leave their wireless open and unsecure for the world to see and use!!